I Am A Sailor – Holly Chisholm


Though her family is sprinkled with sailors, Holly was a bit of a late bloomer to adopt the family passion for sailing. Despite having attended sailing school at the age of 8 for a few seasons and having great memories with extended family she didn’t fill her sails until the post-teen years. But her sails took life and Holly split her time sailing competitively in North Sydney Harbour and recreationally in the picturesque Bras d’Or Lakes. “Few things are better than sailing on the Bras d’Or Lakes, rafting up with friends for a BBQ and then enjoy a slow sail home”. Holly is living proof that the fastest growing demographic of people new to sailing are women.   

It’s been often said that no two sailing races are alike as the continuous variables are never replicated and the same can be said for leisurely day sails as well. Thus the adventures are truly endless and that is what keeps Holly interested in sailing. It never gets boring. Considering that the sailing season is short at the best of times in our northern climes it can be a struggle to fulfill all the plans and goals one has dreamed of during the long dreary winter. When not on the water Holly is often found at the Northern Yacht Club volunteering for various successful events that NYC has become famous for.  NYC is also lucky to have Holly as a member of the newly minted Board of Directors at Sail Nova Scotia. In her demanding role on the board, she is hoping to enhance sailing opportunities for adult graduates of sailing schools across the province.

“It is through sailing that I have formed some of the best friendships as an adult”

Rob Dunbar

Find more information on the Northern Yacht Club here

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