I Am A Sailor – Kate Didiano


I have been sailing now for 12 years. My mother was looking for a fun summer activity I could do while she was visiting my grandmother in Copernicus Lodge on Roncesvalles in Toronto. Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club offered week-long programs and that is how I started my white sail levels. I was hooked the instant we got to capsize our 420. From there I spent until I was 15 at TSCC competing on their race team.

I sail to find inner peace and happiness. After a day of coaching, there’s nothing I want more in the world than to rig up my laser, sail onto the lake, and enjoy a leisurely cruise around the harbour as the sun is just starting to set. I always say the best way to watch a sunset is from your boat. Sailing is a great way to unwind at the end of any day and provides a way to stay in tune with your sailing.

My fondest sailing memory would have been when I first had the opportunity to sail my laser at PCYC for the four sisters regatta. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was one of the first to launch. Before I could even exit the harbour I had to fix a line on my vang system and I capsized in front of everyone. Of course, I laughed it off and a few people cheered and clapped. This just reminds me of how supportive and positive the sailing community is.

The best piece of advice I’ve received is “you know what you’re capable of, never settle for less than your best”. This really resonated with my competitive spirit. I am always willing to try as hard as I can until I can try no longer. I bring this attitude now to my Opti racers, ensuring that they know they’re capable of so much more than they think and sometimes having that extra self-push helps them unveil a world of possibilities they never knew existed.

By: Kate Didiano
National Yacht Club

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