I Am A Sailor: Morgan Dauphinee


When I was 11 my parents decided to sign me up for sailing camp at the Barrie Yacht Club. I begged them not to send me because I thought that sailing looked terrifying but they made me go anyways. On my first day, I realized that my thoughts about sailing being scary were right. As an 11 year old, falling off a boat seemed like the worst thing that could happen to me so when we had our morning briefing and my instructor was explaining what to do “when we capsize,” I got an instant knot in my stomach which stayed until I actually capsized and realized that there was nothing to worry about. That is when I developed my love for sailing.

I stayed at the Barrie Yacht Club sailing school until CANSail 4. I then went to the Lake of Bays Sailing Club to be on the race team where I learned to race both double and single-handed boats and raced in regattas, my favourite being CORK where I’d never seen such strong winds. Some of my favourite sailing memories are winning regattas and having crazy experiences such as falling out of boats in funny ways, weird capsizes and going faster than I ever thought was possible. I sail because I love the thrill it provides, and it’s a sport of the brain.

Sailing has given me many amazing opportunities. I was able to participate in the Atlantic Challenge in Denmark and while I was on exchange in Finland, I was able to sail in the Baltic Sea. Soon, I will be an instructor at Great Slave Sailing Club in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and I am excited to see where sailing will take me next.

by: Morgan Dauphinee
Barrie Yacht Club & Lake of Bays Yacht Club

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