Thanks Coach

For #NationalCoachesWeek we are taking the time to thank all of our coaches and instructor who help us be better sailors! Want to thank your coach? Email for a chance to get featured and win some Helly Hansen swag!

Connor McNeil 

He not only a coach but a mentor, a role model and a friend. Connor is there to provide advice and support whenever we need it.” – Victoria Dickson


Lauren Laventure

 Lauren has been my coach for over four years, and I can attribute my most significant accomplishments to her coaching” – Will Bonin


Sarah Bethune 

She is one of the nicest, funniest people I’ve ever met and she truly loves sailing and will do anything to help get people involved in it as much as she can” – Lily Balderson

Screenshot 2018-09-26 15.17.46

 Annie Dysart 

This summer I sailed 29er with my best friend, except it was super old and every day we had to repair it, Annie never gave up on us and continued to teach us even though our boat was constantly breaking” – Samantha Brown 

Screenshot 2018-09-26 15.17.37

Cameron Saywer

He’s a great coach because he was able to take information from his campaigns, and pass it along to us” – Galen Richardson


Stephen Waldie

Waldie is not only a great coach but also a great mentor, I attribute my accomplishments in the skiff class to him” – Thomas Staples 

image (2).png

Charlotte Thompson

she has NEVER missed a day of its running, makes every sailor feel special, ensures that every single lesson has a theme, has an incredible attitude towards sailing, and inspires everyone to be as passionate about the sport as her.” – Kat Gatley

Screenshot 2018-09-28 09.48.53

PEI Sail Team Coaches

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