2018 World Sailing Youth World Championships – Audrey Staples, 29er Skipper

29er Audrey Caterina
Caterina and I just attended our first ever Youth Worlds event. Our trip started off by missing our connecting flight and driving four hours to get to Corpus Christi. We had a couple days of team bonding exercises like stand up paddleboard yoga and go-karting. After two days of resting, we were allowed to register, get our boat, rig it up and go for a short sail.

This event had one of the toughest conditions we have ever sailed in. Big waves and very high winds. The hardest challenge of this event was trying to stay over the waves. This event takes all of your energy, five days sailing in 20 knots of breeze is very exhausting.

Caterina and I finished 20th overall and we learned a lot that we will take back home. One of my highlights of this event is the team bonding that we had! I’ve never seen a team help each other so much and encourage each other every day. This was one of the most memorable events I have ever done and if you have the chance to do it, go for it because it’s worth it!

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