2018 Laser Canadians: July 20th to 22nd, St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Make plans to participate in the 2018 Laser Canadians July 20th to 22nd at the St. Margaret Sailing Club (SMSC) in beautiful St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia.  The schedule will include four racing days, one recognized practice race, preceded by training days. The site will be available prior to this for training camps, coaching, etc.

The Championship will take place on the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia on the waters of St. Margaret’s Bay, just 25 minutes’ drive from Halifax.  St. Margaret’s Bay offers excellent sailing conditions. This sheltered body of water is wide open and free of islands and shoals in the course areas.  Prevailing winds are 10 to 20 knots on sunny days in the summer. 

On-shore, you will find ample boat and trailer storage, and docking facilities for coach boats.  Our race management facility and clubhouse provide rooms for competitor and officials meetings, de-briefs and other activities, together with space for registration, administration, and awards.  Services for competitors will include washrooms and change areas, and boat wash-down. We will provide daily food and drinks for competitors, coaches, officials, and volunteers, as well as an event banquet.

SMSC has successfully hosted many regional, national and international competitive sailing events, including the 2013 Laser Canadians and the 2009 Laser World / World Masters Championship.  Each year SMSC hosts its annual Bay Wind regatta for developing and competitive one-design sailors; it has become the largest such event in the Atlantic region.

Founded in 1956, SMSC is a member-owned yacht club whose first focus was running races for young sailors. Youth sailing instruction and regatta hosting continue to be key focus areas for the Club. 

For more information about the event, please contact SMCC at (902) 823-1089 or clubmanager@smsc.ca


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