Know more about the Race Committee

Who’s on Race Committee?

Volunteers are the heart of every club’s evening and weekend racing program. Experienced race officials improve the racing experience. Many of our club’s race committee officials have completed organized training. Trained and experienced race officials mean compliance with the Racing Rules of Sailing, fair and consistent races for all boats racing, and a well-defined process and experience for all.

Courses developed by Sail Canada are offered towards four levels of race officer certification: Assistant Race Officer (ARO), Club Race Officer (CRO), Regional Race Officer (RRO) and National Race Officer (NRO). Higher designations are accompanied not just with more instructional training but increasing responsibility and experience in running regattas of progressively increasing complexity and profile. In addition, similar instruction and certification is available for judges, umpires, mark layers and measurers.

Both sailors and sailing enthusiasts are dedicating time to improving their skills. So are the members of your race committee. Sail Canada’s officials registry is proud to hold 126 race officers, 58 judges, 15 mark layers, 6 umpires and 4 measurers. For Olympic, World and other international events, Canada holds its own amongst peer countries with seven International Race Officers, seven International Judges, four International Measurers, and one International Umpire.

Our sport is entirely dependent upon the volunteers that staff the committee boats and put in the hours behind the scenes to make evening and club racing event possible.

Take the time to say ‘Thank you’ to your Race Committee. Each has prepared for the event and are dedicating their time to make it a top-level experience for you. Without them, there would be no results to post and prizes to be awarded.

–  Alicia Damley and Irene McNeill, IRO

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