The Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes (CVDM)

Le Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes (CVDM) is a beautiful club just 30 minutes outside of Montreal with a long history and a lot of action! With over 300 active members, they put a great emphasis on getting everyone out sailing and creating new and fun experiences for beginner and experienced sailors alike.

A unique program the club offers is their sailor exchange program. The competitive teams have the opportunity to take part in an exchange with sailors from La Martinique, St-Pierre- et – Miquelon and Vancouver. In 2015, the Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes teamed up with “L’Ecole de Voile Rochelaise”, in La Rochelle, France creating an exciting opportunity for their racers and coaches to share coaching and sailing knowledge.

Sailors and coaches alike have found this experience incredibly rewarding. It gives sailors the opportunity to meet new people while sailing and learning in a new environment increasing their depth of knowledge of the sport. The partnership also gives coaches the opportunity to learn new teaching styles and different sailing conditions.

Le Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes offers a number of other programs for sailors of all ages including wet feet (ages 4-6), adult lessons, the Sailing in Schools Program and windsurfing levels (ages 12- 18). Youth and competitive CANSail levels (1-6) are also offered. The “Sailing in Schools” program is designed to  Day lessons are offered in June and September so that students can come and try their hand at sailing.

The goal behind the sailing programs at Le Club de Voile Deux-Montagnes is to create a passion for sailing in our students”, says Carmen Denis, CVDM’s Sailing School Director, and level 4 coach with over 30 years in the sport. Learn more about Le Club de Voile Deux-Montagne on their website and facebook!



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